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About Us

David Goldberg

Narrative Flow is the brainchild of accomplished ghostwriter David Goldberg.  In addition to his experience in publshing, he brings a corporate pedigree earned through 20 years in VP-level marketing positions with public companies and an affiliation with multiple entrepreneurial endeavors.


As the driving force behind Narrative Flow, Mr.Goldberg operates the firm as a niche consultancy and is intimately involved in each project it takes on.

The Model

Whether you have a draft, a proposal, or an idea, we do what it takes to create your book and bring it to market.  Each engagement is customized to your needs, but typically centers on ghostwriting and/or co-authoring. Depending on the project, we also offer research, design, coaching, outside editing, marketing, and related services. More importantly, EVERY project ends with a published book.

Our Ideal Partners

Our author-partners are a highly accomplished group of diverse individuals who choose to publish for many reasons.  Some are subject matter experts who frequent the conference and lecture circuit and have a need to memorialize their message. Others seek the unique professional credibility that comes with being a published author.  Still others simply have a story to tell whether it's a memoir, a novel, or a work of non-fiction.


Whatever the circumstance, we are here to help bring their expertise or creativity to paper and share their ideas with the world.


The model is simple.  The process is tried and true. Narrative Flow will free the book inside of you and make you a published author.

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