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How does the actual writing process work?


Usually very smoothly.  You talk.  We record.  We draft.  You review.  We write.  You suggest, fine-tune and approve.  We publish.



How long does it usually take to complete a book?


For a ghostwritten book, there are many factors that will determine how long it takes to complete the process.  Among them are your own availability, additional research required, and how efficiently the author and Narrative Flow can exchange ideas and comments.


That being said, a smooth process should produce a manuscript within six months.



How will I make money on my book?


There are many reasons to write a book and most authors expect to profit from the endeavor directly or indirectly. 


Those who speak regularly at corporations and conferences will offer their book for sale as an add-on and, in some instances, require the conference organizers to pre-purchase a set amount of books.  However, they are also well aware that their status as an author can increase both their demand and their fee.  Likewise, professionals, retailers, restaurateurs, community leaders and business owners often offer their book for direct sale in their retail spaces, on their own website, or through direct mail to their own mailing lists.  Some even use the book as a mailer or promotional item to strengthen an author’s professional reputation with clients and prospects.


Additionally, Narrative Flow can ascertain that your book is offered for general sale through Amazon and can assist you with its marketing and finding a wider general audience for sale.



What is Narrative Flow’s business model?


Each engagement is customized, but the base model calls for the author to hire Narrative Flow at a flat rate on a project basis.  In plain English, the author pays a fee to Narrative Flow to ghostwrite a book and that fee usually covers the entire project through delivery of the final manuscript.



Are there any additional costs?


There are additional options.  Depending on the specifics of your project and how we’ve elected to publish, there may be some additional fees or commissions associated with design, publishing, marketing, etc., but they are always at the author's discretion.



How do I know my book will be published?


The evolution of modern publishing has made this the first generation of authors free to pursue a work with the guarantee of publication.  What’s more, highly respected publishing-on-demand imprints like Amazon’s CreateSpace have removed any stigma from “self-publishing” as more and more top authors are choosing to utilize their model due to its author-friendly business terms.


How do I know you are the right ones to write my book?


You don’t.  Neither do we.  That’s why our consultation is free.  Let’s talk and find out if we’re a good fit for each other.

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